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"Small Space, Big Dreams. Large Space, Bigger Dreams."

We are interior designers for your uncommon home.

So you can design & visualise your space without making it.

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Verb Interior. Why us?

We have a

% based incremental design fee.

fixed Design fee. 

It's an advantage over conventional % based design fee. You get to spend flexibly on making your home interior without worrying about increasing designer's fee.
You'll automatically save the cost, see the improvements in your choices & target budget achievements . It's like worth having a designer by your side.

1-Point to
start your home interior.

Pure Pro Designing.

Team of Interior Designer
Interior Designer's Sketch
Designer Comparing Samples

Personalise team

to shape the haven within the walls of your home, giving multiple dimensions to work with.

3x Design Options

to compare and capture your wildest imagination.
Infuse with

Technical expertise

at every point to make design practical and functional in your space. You'll see the difference.

Visualise, then relive them.

Designer Sketching ideas
Living Room Sketch
home interior 3d presentation on a mac screen
home interior 3d views on a screen presented by indian female person
3D views to

See before you make

so that you can swap it over your ideas before you start the work. Now you can save both cost and time.
Capturing the

Right Looks

helps in positively organising your aesthetics, now you can choose instantly what goes in your space.

All-day space utility

ergonomics for all the things you want to keep doing.

Select and style it out.

Wallpaper Selection
Female Interior Designer
Interior Designer Testing New Colors
Choosing From The Color Chart
Choosing Fabric

Less is 2x more.

When we narrow down to preparing mood boards for you, it gives insights of different combinations, making things less confusing and 2x more productive.

Accompany you to select the match

because choosing materials can become tedious & time consuming job, which leads to confusion and wrong decision making.
With a wide variety of 1000+ material selections for your home interiors under one roof, trending design concepts, 3D visualisation of you spaces, detailed drawings & specs for the execution.
To know more about our fixed design fee,

Connect us

via Whatsapp or Call us to get the first hand experience with Verb Interior.

What we have done so far?


Since 2015

Magic has worked behind these numbers too.

We follow the interior trend,

You can follow us.

The Verb way of working

Step 1

Contact us to begin.

Our team would like to hear it from you.

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 7.47_edited.jpg

Step 2

Meet your consultant.

Your consultant will guide you through the design process & help you in understanding our concept.

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 7.47_edited.jpg

Step 3

Get registered on our system.

After registration is completed, we prepare your requirements, scope of work and specifications.

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 7.47_edited.jpg

Step 4

Pay for your design pack.

Once you set the one you want, just pay for the design pack.

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 7.47_edited.jpg

Step 5

Team is assigned and gets in on the action.

Dedicated team is assigned to your project, communication channels are created & site documentation work starts.

Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 7.47_edited.jpg

You'll notice the difference the moment you choose us.

Brands we trust.

Trusted brands create trusted designs

Whoever makes it, we assist.

Tailor made solutions for your dream home.

You Hire your own vendors, we assist.

Living Room Interior
Wallpaper with decor
You can hire your own Execution Vendors. This flexibility helps you in transparent execution cost, better offers from different vendors, choosing what best suits your taste and budget.

You Hire our affiliated vendors, we assist.

Wall panel design
Designer Console with back wall panel
Don't have your vendors? No worry, you can pick from our curated panel of venders based on their execution experience. We assist, you hire them.

Your home interior journey is just a click away.

Book your free consultation with our experts.
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