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Advantage over conventional % design charges

Living Room


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Interior Design Charges

The best offers you can get Is by talking to our Design Experts

Flat/Apartment Interiors

2BHK Interior Design

Under Rs. 90K

(all Inclusive)

Want a designer for your 2BHK home?

Flat/Apartment Interiors

4BHK Interior Design

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Get Free Consultation

Want Free Design Estimate for your home?

Flat/Apartment Interiors

3BHK Interior Design

Under Rs. 1.3 Lacks

(all Inclusive)

Want a designer for your 3BHK home?

Bungalow/Row House Interiors

3/4/5BHK Interior Design

Call Now for Pricing

To get an expert designer for your Bungalow/ Row house

We have per Room Design Packs

Family Head


Starts From

Rs. 6,990/-

/  room

Make your Own Design Packs ?

Family Head


Starts From

Rs. 14,990/-

/  room

Make your Own Design Packs ?

Family Head


Starts From

Rs. 19,990/-

/  room

Make your Own Design Packs ?

Design Packs

Packs Chart Anchor

Our Design Packs are customised costs for each room.

So think about what services are required to complete each space/room for your home interior design and follow our chart below to see what's included

Chart Showing Design Packs of Verb Interior
Chart Showing Design Packs of Verb Interior

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m confused. What’s a Basic Pack, what’s an Advance Pack, and what's a Luxury Pack?

Usually, every home interior project requires a combination of civil work plus selection items and custom made products. These packs are specific orders which depend upon the scope of work involved.

Any pack consist of only 1 room and depending upon the scope of each room, packs are divided.

Let's assume u want to design a complete kitchen with modular furniture, civil work, electrical, and plumbing work, So for the kitchen, u will have to take a Kitchen Luxury pack. But your living room needs furniture, electrical and paintwork only, so for the living room, u will have to take a Living Room Advance Pack only. Hence it gives complete flexibility and advantage to decide, what you are paying for the design

2. What do you mean by Fixed Design Charges?

We don't charge design fees on project costs like the traditional percentage method, you have the full flexibility to spend on your home without worrying about increasing design costs.

According to the scope of work for each room, ur pack gets decided and your design charges get fixed.

3. What services do you offer? Why should I choose them?

Verb Interior services include designing, selection, and execution of civil work, custom furniture, false ceiling, flooring, tiling, and so much more.

At Verb Interior you get a one-stop solution for all your home, delivering quality interiors. We have our own in-house teams, whose work we monitor based on a 115-quality and inspection checklist.

We are near you, Meet us

Currently serving In Pune and PCMC only

Address :

Verb Interior

205, Deron Heights,
Baner Road, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

Timings :

10 am to 6.30 pm

Monday to Saturday

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